SyCHOSys: Compiled Energy-Performance Cycle Simulation

Ronny Krashinsky and Krste Asanovic

Under construction.

SyCHOSys (Synchronous Circuit Hardware Orchestration System) generates high-speed energy-performance cycle simulators by compiling a processor description into efficient C++ code. This framework can custom compile a cycle simulator with arbitrary mixed levels of simulation detail ranging from gate-level to purely behavioral models. In addition, SyCHOSys can compile detailed energy statistics gathering code into the simulator and generate a custom analysis tool to combine the resulting statistics with capacitance values extracted from circuit layout information to give energy dissipation. To increase simulation speed, we group circuit nodes having the same switching activity and only count transitions once per group. We have also developed energy estimation techniques that exploit the properties of well-designed low-power microprocessors to improve the accuracy of simple transition-sensitive energy models.

SyCHOSys Documentation


[1] "Microprocessor Energy Characterization and Optimization through Fast, Accurate, and Flexible Simulation", Ronny Krashinsky, S.M. Thesis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, May 2001. (PDF)
[2] "SyCHOSys: Compiled Energy-Performance Cycle Simulation", Ronny Krashinsky, Seongmoo Heo, Michael Zhang, and Krste Asanovic, Workshop on Complexity-Effective Design, ISCA-27, Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2000. (PDF paper, PDF slides, PPT slides)


We gratefully thank the sponsors for this work, including NSF and DARPA.